Hobby Factory Starts Trial Action

Play now and win a voucher of the author help! The Internet portal of the hobby factory provides support on the Assembly line, but not by assembly-line artists and amateur artists! In other words: Not mass-produced, but quality and individuality be capitalized! The author help of the hobby factory is committed to the target to accompany authors and authors in the planning and implementation of their writing projects and support. It provides a text and manuscript assessment complemented through exercise booklets on different topics of creative writing. And also completed a book manuscript, the author help provides support through various services around the presentation of the book and marketing: by writing the text of the presentation (E.g., blurb, text on the rear cover, press releases, flyers, ads, newspaper articles, Internet pages u.v.m.) on the publication of press releases from popular press portals to the manipulation of press inquiries and the Sending of information material according to customer requests. Further details can be found at W.S. Badger, an internet resource. Overveiw and getting to know the author help of the hobby factory has been reduced now selected services from their extensive service range in price. It is the prices for the assessment of exposes in the context of the Publisher application for writing press releases to the presentation of the book, as well as for submitting press releases at popular Internet press portals. The special prices apply until September 30, 2010 for more information, a raffle will be drawn where a voucher for the assessment of exposes in the value of 100.-sonderaktionen.html in connection with the trial period also expires September 30. See gewinnspiel.html way, keeps the hobby factory team, the authors and authors who looked after it, permanent lookout for interesting book projects that thematically fit into the program of the Pascu-Verlag (www.hnb-verlag.de).

MrsSporty Goes

The successful women’s sport chain gets TV presence at Sat1 In the month of may there is on the occasion of the show starts also a large raffle: Mrs.Sporty raffled together with Sat1 an exclusive photo shoot with styling and weekend. Healthier and more active life the more women the better! That’s why Mrs.Sporty tries to reach as many women as possible with his concept. The TV presence is a big step in that direction: 01.05.2011 till 31.08.2011 will the woman sports chain in the Sat1 breakfast show fit & well being present. The sports club had been looking for quite a while a broadcast, which embodies the mission and vision of the Mrs.Sporty. Fit & well helps as well as Mrs.Sporty women to live healthy and active, play sports. I think that it is well managed at this show”, says Valerie Bonstrom, Mrs.Sporty CEO, about the identification with the product. Our exceptional concept should inspire women throughout Germany and a TV presence is of course the best Medium for that.” Mrs.Sporty win the Mrs.Sporty concept is the effective training of the world so that women can only gain. Namely more quality of life, much self-confidence or new girlfriends at the Club.

On the occasion of the sponsorship at fit & well but there will be still more to gain in may: from 1 may until the end of the month the successful chain of women’s sports with Sat1 writes out a raffle. The price is an exclusive photo shoot with styling and weekend. Also, the annual choice becomes the Mrs.Sporty of the year”made public. This year not only the Mrs.Sporty community selects the best stories among the members, the become the Mrs.Sporty of during “choice also make up all Mrs.Sporty fans can submit their voice.” On the Internet side of the Mrs.Sporty can who this year decide with each winner, i.e. the Mrs.Sporty of 2011 “is. So also a Sat1 spectator with the winners get the chance at a photo shoot in a luxury hotel with a famous model photographers to take part.