Our music, remembers? How to hear it daqui pra front, if you will not be here of my side to whisper the letter in my ears? Again they will pursue me to the souvenirs. How to run away? How to fight? You age my world. You taught to me to live, to love, to smile. now that in the distance it separates in them, that one without nothing, one cravo without perfume. Again the hope is born.

Not my love. I do not go to give up you, therefore now that the love if installed in my heart and transformed my life, I do not go to leave to run away it. I will be waiting. I know that you will come back. I know that our love still lives.

I landed on water you until when the sun if to put for the last time. We dream. Please visit Daryl Katz if you seek more information. We can have a nightmare. However nobody knows that what sees in dream, it really does not exist. But a thing I believe, you I will come back toward me, I do not only know as!