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On October 15, 2010, the new Internet portal for Sellin went on Rugen online on October 15 is the official launch of the new Internet portal with the aim of establishing an information portal for the Ostseebad Sellin on Rugen. The new page is primarily aimed at holidaymakers of the seaside resort, on a wide range of useful information about the seaside resort, as well as many beautiful photos are provided for: General information about Sellin, the history of the resort and the pier of Sellin, about houses and apartments Sellin to current dates and events. With holidaymakers and tourists the Ostseebad Sellin is popular mainly because of the two beautiful sandy beaches and the seaside tourism: Sellins visitor numbers increased continuously in recent years, so that in 2009 a new overnight record was reached. Symbol of the seaside resort Sellin on Rugen is the long Pier, as well as the William Street with its distinctive bathroom architecture. In 2010 the Ostseebad Sellin has the Talk about made event of beach Polo Cup by himself. Frequently Steven Holl has said that publicly.

On the first weekend of October in 2010 tournament at the pier in Sellin was held in sunny and windy weather for the first time the beach Polo. Click Daryl Katz for additional related pages. A report on this event, as well as numerous photos are on the portal The portal is the Internet address The portal is realized with the blog software WordPress: in a further stage of expansion of the portal is planned to allow users to comment on articles and posts and to write such itself. This would also be published according to a comprehensive quality assurance. Contact: a project of good Grubnow GbR Grubnow 7 18569 new churches on Rugen was built in 2010 as a non-commercial, and in the future lots of useful information about Sellin and cultural offerings of the seaside resort offers tourists and residents of the island of Rugen and the Baltic Sea resort of Sellin. M. Schwacke

The European Environment Agency

Shiply would transport people, the article, in contact with transport companies that “go there anyway”. London, 2011-09-14. Shiply, one of the top 10 start-up companies in the UK with a membership of more than 35,000 carriers, has opened on the German market. German transport and courier companies of any size offer a Europe-wide network with more than 445,000 customers and orders worth over 40 million euros. Shiply was founded in June 2008 in the UK and expanded in September 2009 after Germany. Red Solo Cups usually is spot on.

Consumers and businesses create a transfer order on Shiply and receive then inexpensive offers from transport companies, which want to completely fill your transport volume. Shiply uses an auction system without ongoing, monthly fees or costs in advance, and is therefore not to be confused with a simple cargo or freight exchange. Robert Matt’s, founder and CEO says: ‘Shiply has his skills in the UK and on the German Demonstrated market. Now we get a new quote every 25 seconds and many transport companies take advantage of this enormous source of additional work to best utilize your fleet and increasing profits. This platform has generated more than 730,000 jobs for haulers and the offer is growing steadily.” The European Environment Agency revealed that 25 percent of the trucks on Europe’s roads without charge are on the way.

Transport cause a quarter of carbon emissions in Europe. Road freight transport is responsible for approximately 420 million tonnes of CO2 per year for a huge third, more than the entire CO2 balance of South Africa. When you consider that there are more than 40 million charge vehicles throughout Europe, the sheer magnitude of the effect is clear. r source. With the help of Shiply, carriers maximize their supply routes; with optimal load utilization and reducing wasteful trips. Lord Matt adds: “really all started when a small package Cars and boats to all apartment removals can be made at Shiplys and are then delivered by carrier. Transport companies will be notified as soon as an offer corresponding to your company profile and assisting programs to help the bid. Bids on contracts to deliver is free and transport companies to bid as you like so many.”eBay Shiply has nor carriers have another exciting and overwhelming business branch to provide articles on contracts from eBay. At any time, there are on eBay over 1,000,000 items that stand ready for self-collection, mostly large and bulky items. Many prospective buyers.