SWIVEL & ProtectONE Agree Close Cooperation For Tokenless Authentication

Swivel secure, leading provider of authentication systems without tokens, today announced the sales partnership with protectONE. Warstein, D/Harrogate, UK 12.05.2009 – swivel secure seamless inserts in the security environment of the company. Banks and other institutions that secure and efficient authentication systems rely on are, can take advantage of this solution the SMS authentication and/or connect a simple online user authentication. PINsafe is a patented multi-factor authentication technology, which guarantees a secure and simple authentication for all sizes and types of businesses without any token. By partnering with Swivel we can offer compatible solutions to the powerful and at the same time VPN, which want to move with their security structure at a high level”, said Rafael Godde, Managing Director of protectONE. Thanks to the partnership with Swivel as a specialist for authentication systems without token we can greatly increasing market demand for safe and administrable solutions take into account”, so Rafael Godde.

The one time codes (OTC) either via SMS or as the LoginScreen pixel image can be used at swivels multi factor authentication. It used a patented easy extraction method. The original PIN code is never directly transmitted. Also for highest security demands PositiveID integrates are, this technology is to read from the PC / laptop IDs, so that the PC/laptop becomes the token. We are convinced to have obtained the best possible partner for swivel”, so Rafael Godde.

For Tom Selhorst, Director Central Europe at swivel, an important step to the position of the leading technologies of swivel on the Central European market continues to consolidate. We have gained through cooperation with protectONE a strong partner for the German market, which has long-standing expertise in the IT security area”, as Tom Selhorst. Hear other arguments on the topic with Steven Holl. Their goals is the widespread presence of our products for secure and easy-to-manage authentication solutions in Germany”, says Tom Selhorst. “The expansion of the cooperation with protectONE is for us an important strategic step as we our customers so even more our multimedia can present authentication factor”. ProtectONE: Is the core competence of protectONE security and their future application. Supported in all aspects of IT security as an independent Beraterhaus protectONE his customers in the selection of appropriate IT security solutions. Range of services offered by protectONE covers all aspects of IT security. With the focus on data encryption and data leakage prevention (DLP) Authenticaton. The services range from the first hazard analysis and design of protection measures appropriate to the technical implementation and review. With the experience from numerous projects and expertise in complex technical environments, leads protectONE projects systematically and efficiently to customer success. The comprehensive structure of customers include national and international companies and corporations as well as the public sector. protectONE Kulbe 29 59581 Warstein Tel 02902 9118153 over swivel: founded in 2000, swivel Ltd. belongs to the Marr international group of companies. The company specializes in ground-breaking solutions to securing network and is a leader in this field. The successful PINsafe solution, a multiple authentication technology, which is based on the Protocol that is patented by the company, more and more companies offers the desired security. Swivels international distribution network, customers are supported in all over the world, like for example leading financial and trade organizations, law firms and State and health authorities. Swivel secure limited at the Kiel yard 41 51105 Cologne Germany Tel: + 49 221 5107951

Password Management

More safety in the password management with PKI support Gersthofen 27.04.2012. With version 6.4, password safe and repositry of MATESO GmbH supports public key infrastructure (PKI). This feature allows the user certificates via token or smart card’s secure authentication. With increasingly complex structures in the company, the subject of security gets more and more relevance. The work of your users and system administrators is an important safety factor, because the configuration of firewalls, servers and access is a highly sensitive area of responsibility. Here password safe Active Directory integration now also has the advantage of the PKI support, because a password only allows you to access only the combination of password and token enables access to password safe and repository and thus shared data.

MATESO GmbH puts on the PKI support on an already-implemented PKI and uses that information to authenticate of the user. A high administrative effort is the PKI in password safe thus not set up to worry about. The product password safe and repository”organized and structured companies in the field of password and identity management. Users include individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations. Including 18 of the top 30 DAX companies. Password safe offers unrivalled advantages: it is flexibly adaptable to the needs of the customers, it can be quickly integrated, extensions are not a problem. Central and highly encrypted storage of passwords, identities, documents and etc.

enormously facilitates the handling of sensitive data. Employees can be authenticated automatically to systems through the so-called automatic password entry”. The simple structure enables comfortable rights management a permission structure. Automatically logs all actions and changes. These and many more integrated and optional features can be respond to almost all requirements. These features make the software the multiplayer. By Password safe IT departments, systems integrators and banks to the company-wide deployment increases the efficiency, productivity and safety in companies of all sizes and all industries. MATESO GmbH is the topic of the young company from Gersthofen near Augsburg password and identity management for over 12 years. There, their passion, their energy and their ideas flow. The software password safe and repository is created from these components. The idea behind the product is perhaps born from practice, it has become so successful. There was no purchasable software at the end of the 1990s in the field of password management. Therefore, the now award winning Managing Director Thomas Malchar has developed a pragmatic solution for personal use in his former company. It proved so good and capable, that he could start with the marketing 2001 successfully. To this day, October has grown steadily. A young, dynamic team, all around customer service, development and distribution of products, and the Takes care of administration. MATESO is very service-oriented; the satisfaction of our customers is paramount. This expresses itself on the one hand in the quality of products and services, on the other hand in the long-standing and very close customer relationships. Meanwhile million individuals worldwide use the MATESO software products.