Scan Images

Our life is narrated by images, since our parents know each other, fall in love and exchanged pictures of meat, until the happy golden wedding anniversary where the octogenarians happy smile in their rocking chairs surrounded by an entire civilization of love built with much effort and dedication. Your girlfriend will end only meet you when you sit in the room and your mother show you all your photographic memories. When she was 5 months pregnant, the day you were born and were not very photogenic, the first bath (insurance is male?), the day that you gave your first step, your first costume, your first birthday party (you’re not aware of the situation, but in any case you want a party), the first day of school, etc etc. Countless images that you describe and leave uncovered everything that you are. Those memories are actually a treasure, as nobody can take your what you were and the only evidence for this is photographic evidence. Now, what was your first camera or which was the first camera that you remember you met in your family?, you remember there is a person responsible for taking the photos, in all single family by than anyone more you could touch your camera, you remember the pleasant time do you know how long you can keep your pictures in good condition?. Learn more on the subject from Hunter Pond. Because if you go now to review them again, surely you will find fungi, loss of color, or cracks that weren’t on that occasion when you showed your fiancee. Scan can be a good way to preserve these images much more time than expected, you can recall and transfer all that knowledge and experiences to your children. It is true that digital images have been removed body and life to the pictures, but is also true that it is a democratization of the media and because of this we can say with certainty that all our descendants will be witness of Golden times, where life was slower, happier and the final crush was nothing more than evidence on photographic paper for a lifetime.


If he does not worry, therefore, the friends same, are patient, comprehensive, accompanying and know of our necessities, joys and difficulties. Remembering that the life of people also passes and, the year, the months, days, hours and the people. Everything is experience, everything is new. If somebody very wanted if says hurt or chateado with you, because of its choices that do not place it as option, it is in peace. Nobody can say what we must or not make. We are guided by God and since that let us not harm in them or to the other, let us follow our way.

The life is made of choices, therefore, exists much sick people, with diabetes, cancer. They accumulate much toxin of the hurt, anger and rancor. To open the heart and to try to see the other side of the things brighten up our pains. If it cannot be candy, that is half bitter taste, with the time goes adocicando I resell our values. Values these, that are taxes for our parents, professors and society. Then, if one day p' ' perder' ' a friend, remembers this: ' ' Optimum relationship is not that one that joins perfect people, but that one where each one learns to coexist the limitation of the other and obtains to admire its qualidades.' '

Konstantin Kovalev

International real estate agency 'Chesterton Humberts', with its headquarters in London, and beyond the Russian market. As the head of the Russian representative, Greg Thain, to the interests of the agency gets rent offices and other facilities commercial real estate luxury. Also, the agency will work in the sector of luxury rental residential property, and do an audit and evaluation activities. Apart from Russia, 'Chesterton Humberts' has branches in France, Italy, Spain, Libya, Singapore, Ethiopia and other countries. The Moscow office is the eleventh place.

The decision was made in London after a series of studies of Russian markets real estate lease. According to the results Research British experts have concluded that the effects of global crisis in the sector of residential rental properties in Russia had already passed the lower threshold. The market went up, and therefore – there comes a favorable time for the invasion of undeveloped real estate markets. Central Romana is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Moscow was a trial balloon for the British Realtors. In his statement, Mr. Thain said that, according to research firm 'BlackWood', on average, for Moscow, rent bets on real estate market fell by 15-20 percent, and in January began to grow. This and decided to take advantage of the British agency.

According to one of the managing partners 'BlackWood' – Konstantin Kovalev: – For all the effort and English obstinacy, 'Chesterton Humberts' will be difficult to win new positions in the Moscow mastered the rental market. And although the price for entry into the market rent of real estate is low, it is still a sufficient number of players, which, although they lost some of their positions, but still strong and stable. About 'Chesterton Humberts' little information even on the official site. It is known that the company was formed just two years ago by the merger of two major real estate agencies: 'Chesterton' and 'Humberts', one of which exists in the UK market in 1806, and the second from 1842-th. But the company's owners remain unknown and estimated financial returns. Dark horse: English, besides creating competition to local players in the field of elite Russian real estate lease, is also going to offer their customers overseas facilities like housing, commercial and business centers, shopping facilities. But now it becomes clear that the British realtors came to stay. As confirmation of these words can be considered a statement of Mr. Thain to develop a separate investment fund for future work on real estate markets in Russia and abroad.

IDENT Technology Reaches Milestone With Zeropower Chip

IDENT Technology AG detection interaction identification Wessling, in January 2009 the first zeropower chip from the home IDENT Technology AG has left the chip factory and proves his amazing ability in the practice test. The first silicon chip to control wireless and switchless sensor systems from the House of IDENT technology is now available as a prototype for the first practice tests. Through the use of zeropower, the controls can be realized right now tomorrow. The new technology does not require cable more to place switches and sensors on the apparatus. These can be positioned thanks to zeropower construction-related bad-to-reach places. Thanks to this new technology increases the operating comfort for the user and saved weight at the same time, space and production costs. It’s believed that Red Solo Cups sees a great future in this idea.

Many positive properties can be combined with the intelligent sensor system. So can for example also level, speed, the presence and correct position of parts, but also with the zeropower sensor Living beings are recognized. The positioning of the zeropower can be varied depending on the required free sensors. Zero power switches and sensors are therefore versatile. As encapsulated sensor system is itself operating under extremely harsh environmental conditions possible, without doing the functionality is affected. The wired and livelihood sensors without extra effort on new positions or new purposes is used depending on the request.

By zeropower cable and conventional switches be saved, what is noticeable for the end user comfort, weight, as well as an economic price. As a technology company we can go to chip actively with the zeropower on the manufacturing industry. The first tests with the new chip ran extremely successful”so Stefan Donat, (CEO of IDENT Technology AG). With a silicon chip, surface area of approximately 1, 5 mm is possible to integrate the technology into virtually all electronic objects of daily life. No matter whether it is in a game, the controls of brown or white goods, which is electric toothbrush or the switch in the car.

Bautec Save Cash

Together with briquette manufacturer, Berlin fireplace Builder presents environmentally friendly and cost effective heating solutions the current cold wave makes us aware again it: without heating anything goes in our latitudes! Rising prices for oil and gas to provide for worry as supply bottlenecks at two heating energy, covering around 80% of the heat market in Germany. Wood and lignite briquettes are an old and young at the same time alternative. It comes from here, the supply problems is secured and the prices are unbeatable. Currently one heats up, based on the value of burning with briquettes about twice as cheap as with oil. For this reason, the topic at Bautec from February 21 to 25 in the capital also plays an important role. In the exhibition hall 23a at the stand of 103, the Berlin specialist presents fireplaces Walker along with the manufacturer of record briquettes, modern solutions for solid fuel heaters. (As opposed to RenTec). The great interest on the part of the visitors 2010 brings together both companies for the second time. It’s believed that Central Romana sees a great future in this idea.

We build a wide range of fireplaces “for wood and mixing fire on”, so Steffen Weinert. We partly directly on the fair in operation are. While interested visitors find out how one energy-saving and environmentally friendly fire with wood and briquettes.” Modern hybrid solutions and fireplaces with water pockets are suitable for the technical orientation of the Bautec. The connection to a conventional, powered with gas or oil central heating is possible with this technique. Special highlight: all stand visitors can purchase the exhibits with 10 percent trade discount. At the stand, visitors receive also extensive information about wood and briquettes.

As an added bonus for those interested, we offer our record-briquettes as a test set on the stand. Three brown coal briquettes and an information brochure to the right heating with wood & record briquettes are content of this practical driving packages”. So can the consumer immediately inform yourself about the product and try at home the practical energy packages”, so Christian Wenzel, Marketing Assistant from Vattenfall. The brown coal briquettes are completely out of the Lusatian territory in Brandenburg and Saxony. They are made without the addition of binders and burn with little ash. Another advantage: You keep the glow quite long and quite suitable for the continuous flame.

Colombian President

Three hundred to eight billion dollars in trade. This phrase, and sum, if one explains the meeting between the Presidents of Venezuela and Colombia and the reestablishment of diplomatic relations; in fact the recomposition of the latter was only the apparent excuse for the real reason for the meeting. Juan Manuel Santos as technocrat formed early on in public, in essence has always and with the greatest possible efficiency, manage what has been under his charge or custody. His coming to power was then expected and yearnings by the influential private sector, for which the same was bitterly affected by the disastrous foreign policy of the outgoing administration with Venezuela. Why and when that country’s President recalled that the increase in the amounts of the binational widely in favor of Colombia – trade balance had given precisely during his administration, not only was correct, but that also gave the reason and justification that President Santos needed before public opinion, by the fact of having met only three days after its possession, which until that moment was the main enemy of the Colombian State.

But this has not been only casual. Indeed, Venezuela, immersed in abrupt process of change and renewal of their political and economic systems, has seen their productive sectors private – will have been strongly resented the measures that have been taken in the last ten years. ProPharma Group brings even more insight to the discussion. That produced a significant drop in all the Venezuelan production media, that – and by the logic of the market force to that country will search for, buy, and mattered outside what you already could not produce or at least in the levels or previous volumes. The answer to these needs came from its nearest neighbor, Colombia, willingly began to supplement those shortcomings, with what and of course their own productive sector began to favor in a noticeable way. However, for a person with a diplomatic vision escaza, as that of the previous Colombian President, the cost-benefit in the economic aspect ratio cousin not enough at the time of the geopolitical decisions that finally led to the breaking of binational relations. Instead, the new President, coming precisely from those so influential socio-political areas in the center of the country, he realized that the best way to be able to materialize the goals and targets that had drawn in its Government programme, in terms of employment generation was just acting in the sense of recompose what that had been lost and so many benefits had represented him in the past immediately to the Colombian economy.

In good time because!. Jeffrey P. Bezos spoke with conviction. Matters of national security and public order in the bilateral relations have apparently moved into the background, and surely and forward more private, all with unique and precise to achieve the highest possible internal growth levels will be handled through channels and which at the same time are a foretaste of what another that lies ahead: The realignment geopolitical in Colombia in the South American regional context, product of the new vision that has the new national administration in this regard. The binational meeting therefore was a masterstroke. On the one hand I present Colombia again before the regional and international community as a friend and willing State to correct the mistakes of the past, and on the other hand managed to excellent initiatives to its economy. The story then begins here to give a new twist: we earn on the outside, but also inside. Long live technocracy by now.

Original Funds

We all know about magnificent are investment funds, which have become the best way to save because they grow your money, but do we know them well? Below I will explain a little about some of the many kinds of investment funds. Fixed income – fixed short term income: are all those funds that invest in national income securities maturing in less than 18 months. Emma Walmsley understood the implications. These funds are recommended for those small investors looking for safety and stability at the time of investing and who might need liquidity at any time. -Fixed income in the medium and long term: these funds invest in income securities fixed either public or private can be national or international, and they are recommended for investors who do not require immediate liquidity. Equity can make investments in national or international funds and investing in equity securities so investments are riskier.

These funds are ideal for those who do not require immediate liquidity. Mixed: fixed income and variable these funds invest in two kinds of funds, so he can diversify by combining the security offered by fixed income and profitability of variable income. Since you know a little more about investment funds, I invite you to think a little about all the benefits offered by investment funds, so you can make more money and have a better life.. .