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Become responsible for what you decide OK in your mind that this is creating your reality current. how to create new habits and regain Control of your life You choose what habit you want to create. For example, if you are in the area of sales and have the habit of not making calls and losing time, you can establish a habit of calling 5 prospects every day. Think of three benefits you get as a result of creating this new habit. May be able to go on vacation, buy a new car, pay your debts, etc.

See you enjoying the fruit of that habit. This is an extremely effective process of autosuggestion and that if you do well and consistently, send a message to your subconscious that this action brings you pleasure and will very soon become part of the program that will be running your life. Pays the initial price: create a habit has a price, and is the price that you paid for everytime you’ve formed one: related to that habit you want to form continuous thought (autosuggestion) and constant action. Commit yourself to do so by a minimum of 21 days and you’ll notice that at the end of that period, the new habit will be yours and you’ll be ready to move to the next. We are creatures of habits.

Them, in the form of programs, are running our lives. If you follow this process, you will feel in control since you are the programmer. Your life won’t be the same. The subconscious is the most fertile of the universe garden. Use the power of your conscious mind to cultivate good habits and I assure you that you reap fruits of success, prosperity and abundance.