Pontuschka Education

This serves as the last word of the knowledge in the area, being treated in lesson as absolute truth. (FREITAG, 1997, P. 131) Freitag (1997), as well as other authors, sample that the didactic book and its use in classroom depends on the ability and the level of formation of the professor. With this it is deduced that in the education it is not enough to happen to the evolution of the book, but is necessary that the professor renews the knowledge, has continued formation, strengthens itself, dedicates and either a professor searching. Therefore, the didactic book is an instrument of support for the professor, not being thus, norteador material only of the work with the contents programmarians. Nor the proposal of a book nor the ideas of the professor are infallible; therefore, the relativity of the necessary knowledge to be always present in analysis of any didactic production.

Still citing Pontuschka, that much contributes to explore education didactic beyond-book, the author brings that professors of good formation and commitment with the pupils obtain to carry through projects interdisciplinares making clippings of varied books, didactic or not, beyond exploring the medias and lessons extraroom. (PONTUSCHKA, 2007). If the pupil will ahead have of itself an inadequate language its age, of the point of view of its understanding, or distant of its reality, certainly will not be auxiliary nor for it, nor for the professor in the construction of the knowledge. The professor must inside be creative of the planning of an activity. Therefore, to make use of diverse didactic resources is a form to still enrich such activities and, inside of the geographic contents, the resources as: map, computer, air photograph, images satellites; they allow to educating to relate the reality to the theoretical content (PANDIM, 2006). As well as Pandim (2006), several other researchers dedicated to contribute for education, in special of Geography, they perceive that ' ' trunfo' ' it is not in the book in itself, nor in the diverse languages that can be used, but focado in the professors, detainers of all reasonable possibilities of education, and as Andrade (1989, p.57) reaffirms ' ' it is indispensable that the professor has an independent and critical position, not if limiting it /ou to it to a book, she is necessary that it adapte and it complements for its pupils the information and the explanations that the same contm.' ' With this importance is perceived it knowing of them of the experience, of the experience that a professor can have and acquire throughout the years and transmit during its pedagogia.