Uses PostScript Reader

What should it contain? No more than ten words that describe that you will find the reader on that page and mainly that benefit can be obtained. Spend all the time that is necessary until you find the perfect title. Steven Holl takes a slightly different approach. The message size: depends on the type of product. If you are selling a car for $ 45,000.-the sales letter will surely be extensive but if you offer web hosting, $ 20.-per month service, the description of the service and the benefits will suffice extras that you could provide. The message should be more brief, clear and direct as possible. But despite this, if the contents are of actual interest and remain attentive to the reader, the size is the least. * Uses PostScript include a PostScript or a brief summary at the end of the letter, listing the main benefits and why the reader should not miss the opportunity to buy at that precise moment. that include a PD? because they always read it! * Design in addition to having good content, the sales letters must be attractive to the eye and should be easy to read and understand.

Why don’t use jargon or complicated sentences, use short sentences, short paragraphs, lists format bulleted or numbered, separates the paragraphs with sufficient space and places subtitles every 3 or 4 paragraphs. Never place advertising (internal or external) or links that carried the reader off the page. To all this? so the reader is not distracted by anything and can concentrate only on what you’re offering. * First writes then edits: to facilitate the creation of the sales letter, just write what you think, regardless of spelling errors or grammar, spaces, design, etc only writes at the speed of thought.Write spontaneously, without stopping you until you’ve described or mentioned all the benefits you offer, including bonus extras, warranties, and everything you can think of.