Useful Advice For Young Professionals

Currently, changing demand for specialists in certain professions, the structure of employment. A number of occupations, more recently, the prestigious and highly paid, are in demand. Reduce the need for economists, bankers, by securities analysts and investment managers, specialists in internal pr and social programs, HR-specialists, and a number of other professions. The general conclusion to be drawn from this situation: a more flexible approach to job search, job, profession, business – to maximize the area of search. May need to be retrained, perhaps – radically change the profession.

Applicants. In relatively more favorable position may eventually so-called "geeks" (engineers, technologists, designers, programmers). Also, occupations related to agriculture, nature, ecology, biology (agronomists, livestock specialists, biotechnologists, chemists and pharmacists). So if before you now have a choice: to go to study, then, subject to available capacity and desire to make sense to choose a future based on specialty future needs of the economy and labor market. A large number of private universities may find themselves in an extremely difficult position in relation to the current economic situation. Therefore, choosing a non-state university, assess the chances that he would not go broke in a year or two. And assess their chances: if you can pay for their studies in this university, if the price of education will grow faster than they grew before. If it did you decide choose to study the economic or legal profession be aware that employers are now more rigorous approach to quality education. Distinct advantage will be graduates who have received strong academic background in solid state universities that have a long history of existence and good reputation.