United Mexicans

* putting blankets everywhere. * Send to make t-shirts and luzcamos with Mexican pride. Taxco de Alarcon Guerrero-November 27, 2010. * ConvocatoriSi the crime this organized do us not? We are United Mexicans! It should be the call of President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa illegitimate and any other Federal, State and Municipal, authority but their complicity is manifested to sort or allow blankets that have been placed to be retired, ladinamente arguing that they are removed for being anonymous and is for this reason that I propose from this space that we put name to blankets of are United Mexicans! And I authorize that you put my name so that they are no longer anonymous and we will see with which another witticism we get the Government to remove them and we can see the congruence of opinion leaders and media this is a call to all Mexicans men and women of all ages, creeds and partisan affiliation sympathizers of this movement are United Mexicans!! To organize ourselves in all the he Republic Mexican, putting blankets everywhere. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Hunter Pond. We put our name on blankets and we are press releases, representing our States to give representation to the leader national and respectively to the municipality, district or colony organizing ourselves truly to achieve justice, peace and democracy to live in a world of order and respect. we leave anonymous!!Reclaiming the Government and political parties. We send to do t-shirts and luzcamos with Mexican pride.

Independent candidates; demonstrate its congruence joining this movement his servant and friend declared representative of the State of Guerrero and I’ll be registering to representatives of other States in the order in which fence reaching your registration request. When citizens join; the reward will be a free and sovereign country. By: Jose Alberto Betanzos Salgado. Comments to is requested more attentive to all our contacts fashion forward or print flyers and all the media committed to the Mexican society, disseminating widely this call.