The Nest

As the meat without salt can not, and you, a servant of God (name), without me, God's servants (Name) does not Mogi, age did not live. As the meat without salt goes out, and you, a servant of God (name), without me, the slaves of God (name), green, do not eat bread, nor drink water, depression, Sokhna, like a dog sdohni. Truly, I say, truly knows. Amen. After that, the meat must cook. And tell a story on it: you eat, the servant of God (name), this food, let your blood run away from the body, even if you want my body to Belo. And do not smogesh you, a servant of God (name), to live more free the slaves of God (name). Only one will be me consolation, but one I'll enjoy it, only one will save me.

From now and forever. Now and forever. Zapadut you in my words. In your heart will remain, but want to get rid of those words – life will languish. Amen.

Amen. Amen. Spell on the nest To create this plot, you must first read this prayer: Nicholas, servant of God. You're in the field, you're in the house, on the road and the road, in heaven and on earth, intercede and protect from evil. Then you need to go into the woods to find birds' nests. The nest should be empty, in any case do not get a sin and do not miss the chicks home. Bring it home nest, wait until midnight, put the jack under the bed and say: Birds of the forest, birds gloomy, fly away from the nest, through the eastern gate, fly into the flimsy marshes, there lives a dummy marsh, and an apprentice in her maiden hundred.