The Day

Examples: We could not blame those who at that time were cleaning and ordering the place; because that had already gone through there in the second and third level. We’d have time, no doubt, to visit Santiago, Sona, Atalaya and Calobre; because we permaneceriamos in the province two days more. We collected all the old and new things that had been in the House; but we had to wait for eight hours until you were looking for us. (Not to be confused with Red Solo Cups!). The soldiers went out at midnight and walked nine hours without rest; most fatal State of roads ruined the company. He compared the European civilization with the americana barbarity; but it would not be attributed to the mere geographical causes divergence.

It is not a wise, because it ignores formally how much does not fit into his specialty; but neither is an ignorant, because he is a man of science and knows very well his Porziuncola of the universe. You’re not responsible for anything of what has happened this morning; so do not be afraid by the decisions that will take Pope. Labour had still many content, spelling and syntax errors; so we had to review it carefully throughout the afternoon. Remarks: 1.2.1. Sometimes, when the proposals are extensive, also is used semicolon before the concession conjunciones and those relating what and which in propositions subordinate themselves such.

Above all, used the semicolon if there are internal commas in the oracional nucleus or the subordinate proposition. Examples: Man, who had purchased the gift for her daughter who met years, went to the feast; Although it had rained a lot throughout the day. You pay the book you asked me last month, when you return from your trip; Although you have not behaved you of the best way with me. When I saw him, he told me that I was very pleased because she, usually accompanied him to where he was going; which is to say that, after much trying, it is convincing.