Peter Wagner

Time and time again I was frustrated because the evangelisation activities seemed not to render fruits. The panorama changed when I looked for the deepening in the subject of Intercesin and Spiritual Guerra. Now the things seemed to be clearer and to take defined form. I included/understood that the proclamation of Good the New ones is intimately ligature to snatch the territory to Satan and its followers, that generally and as a result of the legal right that grants the sin to them of the man, establish authentic territorial strengths. Add to your understanding with Daryl Katz. The founder and director of the American Center for the World-wide Mission, Ralph Winter wrote on the matter that: " Satan maintains populations whole in slavery. We cannot rescue not one soul of its hands without defying its authority in that particular group of people We must remember that there will be a ferocious resistance when arriving the light to places of darknesses. For that reason the kingdoms of this world will not yield fcilmente." (Winter, Ralph.

" Reino&quot comes your;. Sea turtle Library, Pasadena, Ca. 1985, l$p. 11) On this base and the experiences that have perhaps had when facing difficulties to gain souls for the Kingdom of God, without a doubt will agree with me in the fact to require to redouble efforts in fasting and oration to attack the central nerve of the areas where it governs the badness world, previous identification that we do through the spiritual cartography. On the other hand Peter Wagner, considered like authority at international level in the Spiritual subject military, indicates that to Satan and its followers it is necessary to confront them to avoid that he takes force and he emphasizes that is only through specific actions as we snatched geographic areas to him on which it has presence and government, who we laid way effectively to the Kingdom of God.