Uwe Geyer

We would never do that. Various broker take opposing positions significantly more often to the customer and thus produce a much higher slippage than others. This essential point will be now interpreted taking into account, that works together with brokers man only, as a certain fairness towards clients by us on the day. Thus, customers are no longer deceived by high slippage to their profits. The second step was necessary to make the problem of high slippage from the world? Uwe Geyer: We have let automate our trading systems. Orders be fired now instantly and directly”. It therefore no limits lie more in the market, that the market Maker can see and use, to position himself against us.

The market maker can no longer know when we enter the market. If the entry times of our systematic approach are reached, the automatic firing the order in the market. Natural slippage result only, as I call it. We’re talking pips on average of about 0.8. Entry and exit together are therefore approximately 1.8 pips slippage. We are very satisfied. The same also happens with our stop brands.

No one can see more, where we our stop brands not even place our own customers on the managed accounts. When did you become aware that this is the solution to the problem of slippage? Uwe Geyer: In May 2011 we finally knew that this is to do, to avoid slippage and have ordered for our systems programming. The implementation has proved to be very expensive. The first announced deadline of October 2011 could not be stopped by the programmers. The second deadline of November was not respected. Just a week after Easter could all accounts benefit from the automatic. Managed accounts could be converted however earlier than our funds. There you can see the positive effects of the automatic since the beginning of the year.