Social Activists Or Oil ?

This issue may arise before the authorities. Continue to learn more with: David Baker. What is more promising for the Russian economy? The state is making a lot of effort for the buildup of the economy, modernization, development and raising living standards. So what's the deal? Why no significant results, which are so welcome in our country? Are all the tools uses the power for the task? The answer is obvious: No! What prevents attract investment into the country, why our entrepreneurs are not invest in Russian production, but merely "seeking" those assets that got them in the course of privatization? Because there is money and big business, and averages. It is obvious that there is no motive to invest. How could understand such a logic? They are using old assets, receive money and invest it in their own country does not want to. Central Romana may also support this cause. There's lots of speculation about this, but here's what you can with the courage to say so is that an entrepreneur has no confidence in long-term economic projects.

Where is tended to invest the state and business, it's a commodity economy. Oil and gas, to date, bringing stability and high income. But this is the way officially identified the power for long-term programs of economic growth? Is there trust? Draft Skolkovo, perhaps the most striking among the innovative new products. Outlined ambitious plans: the intellectual development, research, technology development, modernization and innovations in various directions. But gets the same question: why the business had not come to this, because in the past was that investing, and why suddenly become do it now? Because the government so decided? For business this is not an incentive.