Kirsten Miedtank

A more appropriate behavior that must be taught him would be even more beautiful. A dog that can not curb themselves, should be restrained. In this case: When it rings, the dog is tied down first, at the end of the corridor. There, his leash can be deposited even shooting on a hook. The visitors may enter into peace, discard, the dog raging on a leash please ignore and continue.

Once the dog has calmed, get him to do so. He is greeted shortly and adequately, then he gets a treat, then it turns away again the attention from him. “It may take a few weeks, but the wild phases on a leash is shorter, at some point, the message gets through and the dog realizes that he has quiet, friendly behavior the better cut” makes. If you sorry the dog, he’s happy is just so “, then do him the larger favor if you seek out a 1A-Leckerli him instead to bear his unruly behavior. Might otherwise eventually no visit comes more in you will find a selection of high-quality organic treats of the brand dog Cafe, which are a real highlight for your dog. Apple-Mint-bones are, for example, dog biscuits in bone shape, which with their honey share beneficial digestive tract and respiratory tract work, oat flakes provide nourishment, low-calorie saturate with apples and also by the counter share of mint with bloating and bad breath. The dog biscuits can adequately support education about the dogs and are much more appropriate to make your dog a pleasure as the uberrumpelte insurance consultants. -Kirsten Miedtank-