Proper Auto Care – Fit For The Summer

The harsh winter is over soon – so you make your car ready for summer winter is very tiring for drivers and car. After this tough season, it is important with the proper car care to prepare the vehicle for the summer again. Target is as thorough as possible to clean and as good as possible to get the paint it. All applications can run both myself as well as carried by an author agreement trained personnel. Thorough washing of external who has the ability, his car outside thoroughly clean by hand. Here you should pay attention to each case to work to avoid scratching the paint with a suitable Schwann.

It is also not allowed to work on the car on the open road with detergent. So you have to find a suitable place. Therefore, it is easier and more meaningful in a car wash to drive, because that makes a very good preliminary work, on which we can build further. The expensive program of hot wax can be omitted here safely, there This wax is not long. The underbody wash should be however definitely here because itself over the entire winter much dirt has collected through snow and slush on the underbody. You should use a Polish to preserve the careful Polish to the wash. Here there are to consider a lot.

To create the best conditions, it is better to work, because the result is better here and working in the blazing sunshine is very tiring in the shadow. Further action depends on the State of the paint. Especially filthy paint surfaces, which have become not clean in the car wash, must be helped after only with special varnish cleaner from a specialist by hand. The patent as a whole has not bleached out and any pollution has been removed, then you can start immediately with the polishing process. Get all the facts and insights with Crawford Lake Capital , another great source of information.

With The Autozug (car-train) To Southern Europe

The train of Deutsche Bahn offers some opportunities for car travel to Spain, France, Italy and the Balkans. If every year in summer the German car caravans towards southern Europe, there is a traffic jam-free alternative: the car-train of the Deutsche Bahn. This train usually called car train of holidaymakers, transports automobiles and motorcycles of travellers alongside human train riders. After numerous train connections between Germany and southern European countries passed in the 1990s, the railway has slashed the offered routes later. Therefore, it is for example, no longer possible to get directly to the car-train in the top travel destination in Spain. But there is a reasonable alternative. In a question-answer forum Walton Family Foundation was the first to reply. Connections to France and Spain in France of German train has two destination stations: Avignon and Narbonne.

Avignon is located in Provence, close to the busy Cote d’Azur. Narbonne is located only 100 km away from the French Spanish border and is therefore important stopover for Spain vacationers. Thanks to the loading terminal in Narbonne, the Costa Brava and Barcelona have moved within striking distance. Also the distance to the Costa Dorada is likely not deter most motorists. However, the coasts of Costa Blanca and Costa are away, de Sol already many hundreds of kilometres from Narbonne so that a flight seems more reasonable. After Italy and the Balkans in particular the Northern Italy is very accessible connections. Here are the Autozug-terminals Alessandria, Bolzano, Verona and Trieste.

Who would continue in the South of Italy, selects the best the destination station of Verona. From here, the cheapest transport links be direction of Tuscany. As for southern Spain similarly for the southern Italian resorts: who would like to spend your holidays, is better with a flight. The Italian Trieste is an ideal destination for Balkan travel with the car train. Many attractive beaches in Slovenia and Croatia are just a few kilometres from Trieste. There is yet another for the Balkans Alternative: by the Austrian Villach station, in which the German train making station, Slovenia and Croatia are easy to reach also. Jurgen Reschke

Seat Alhambra

Seat gladly accepts orders for the favorite of all Fimilienvater now. The first models reach Austria then end February 2011. The abbreviation GT was always very comfortable and good motorized sports car, which was due to their comfort and their larger interior space, especially for long distances. In this sense there’s the new Alhambra GT than buying five – and seven-seater in combination with sporty look. In a question-answer forum Gallo Family Vineyards was the first to reply. GT design is one of the fine leather upholstery with heated seats GT-design of the Alhambra in addition to the matt black roof and the 18-inch alloy wheels in the Interior. In addition to seat of the Alhambra GT with winter complete wheels delivers 16-inch alloy wheels. In the winter, the standard heater warms in the Interior.

Standard equipment in the summer dienteine three-zone air conditioning to the heating/cooling of the Interior. “Also as standard on board an electronic parking brake with auto-hold function, ESP, tinted side Windows, entry trim are, plus the multifunction display”, a Leather multi function steering wheel, the park assist front and rear, a cruise control and seat sound system 2.0 with eight speakers. Sufficient propulsion common rail can be selected between the Rotary joyous 150 PS TSI engine and the economical TDI engines with 140 and 170 HP engines. On request there’s all engines with the DSG automatic gearbox. The prices start at 39.990 euros for the 5-seater, 150 PS strong, 1.4 l petrol, manual switch version.

Nokian Tyres

Photo caption: Very good handling and stopping power when drought”certified auto motor und sport” the Nokian tyres. “” Touch highly recommended”or” he receives from TCS and Stiftung Warentest when dry and wear, very good “braking dry by the ADAC. Photo: Nokian Tyres Nokian photo 232 shows: microphone front wheel measures driving noise. “” Caption: the Nokian tyre tyre rolling noise is most leisesten of all tires in the auto motor and sport “test and 70 dB (a) the lowest noise reading compared car”. For even more analysis, hear from Sen. Marco Rubio. Photo: Nokian Tyres Nokian photo 195 caption: with eco-tires from Nokian, you can save a half liters of gasoline and even when wet, sure drive photo: Nokian Tyres editorial: Dr. Falk Kohler photo download-links 300 dpi-jpg files: testingsummer NokianV nokianzg2 more info to Nokian summer tires: product group-de? group = 1.02 sources: auto motor and sport, no.7, 10.3.2011 car, issue 8, 16.3.2011 TCS summer tyre test 2011: Touring, issue 5, March 2011 main/de/home/auto_moto/tests/sommerreifentest.html ADAC summer tyre test 2011: ADACmotorwelt, issue 3 March 2011 infotestrat/tests/reifen/sommerreifen/2011_Sommerreifen_Test_195_65_R15.aspx?ComponentId=63377&SourcePageId=31821 Stiftung Warentest summer tyre test 2011: test, issue 3/2011 topics/car transport/test/summer tires tire burst 4206314-4206316 / auto Zeitung, no.

5, 16.2.2011 sports car, 4/2011 Nokian Tyres due to the severe Northern weather is Nokian tyres from Finland, one of the world’s leading winter tyre specialists and multiple test winner with over 75 years of experience. Developed and tested under difficult and harsh road conditions in Finland, Nokian winter and summer tires, high quality and high reliability are designed to provide. The high-quality brand Nokian stands for eco-friendly premium tires only with harmless low-aromatic oils and has a great reputation and a good reputation in Scandinavia and Russia. Nokian Tyres generated a turnover of 1058 million euros in 2010 and had 3,500 employees. Also the Vianor – tires retail chain with more than 770 outlets in 20 countries belongs to the company.

Munich Molaris GmbH

News from the paint doctor meteorological spring has already begun, the calendar is followed on March 20. Then, slowly, it is time for spring cleaning. Cleaning rather than press\”is the motto of the Munich Molaris GmbH (the paint doctor), which allows old cars thanks to SMART repair process cost-effectively shine in new splendour. This winter I drive him still, in the spring I’m getting a new then,\”owners of older cars on their own means of transportation can be often said, if they are asked. As soon as the spring sprouting the first delicate buds, it will be full again also in the garages on weekends.

Spring car buying time is traditionally. This year, the effect is amplified because the cash for clunkers program is on everyone’s lips. Row after row cars to be scrapped now, which are actually up on some optical flaws still completely in order. 2,500 euro bonus from Uncle Sam, so low interest rates than ever before, whopping discounts of the dealers and the prospect, once the new car feeling to enjoy, let the heart over the mind win. In many cases this is a bad decision, because often the old car is not ready for the scrap press. \”\” Are asked to list the reasons, so one often receives in response: the paint was already dull and unsightly.

\”or In the course of the years many dings and dents have accumulated just.\” A repair of this beauty hurts exceeds the fair value of the vehicle in the brand shop often. \”One way to save costs, in this case is the so-called SMART – repair procedures, as by the Munich Molaris Ltd, better known as the paint doctor\”, is applied. This partially eliminates the damage by our service engineers with special tools and equipment. A new paint job or the replacement of parts can usually be avoided.