Strike Now! Artengo Solid 720 P

The perfect Club for young badminton players the beautiful time of summer vacation is over and the schools open their doors again. In addition to math, German, and art, especially the Schulport is one of the most popular subjects of most students. Because while the regular lessons in the classrooms, the gym class is a perfect balance for body and soul. In the age of PC and co., the everyday life of children through increased sedentary lifestyle is characterized. The physical education makes an indispensable contribution to the physical and social development of pupils and students. Badminton is the ideal sport to promote also concentration and reaction ability in addition to agility and stamina.

Artengo Schlagersport specialist from the House of Decathlon has designed a special badminton racquets for children. Thanks to the larger playing surface and a light weight of 116 g, the Artengo is 720 P solid perfect for small beginners. Made from Sturdy aluminum Bat can withstand even a rollicking litter on the ground and the isometric clubhead with increased trampoline effect provides the desired power. The moulded handle lies perfectly in the hand. Whether at home, in the garden, on the sports field or in the school: the Artengo solid 720 P is the perfect badminton rackets for young beginners. The model especially for schools and clubs is interesting because of the low price of only 9,-. And for the little ones, there is still the Artengo 700 J for only 5,-in the offer. A shorter clubs with low weight, for children aged 4 to 7 the perfect entry level model.

Heidi Schulze

So, ready-made invitations already receives in a few minutes. Invitations yourself design and order online on the Internet there are many stores that offer great templates. To read more click here: Red Solo Cups. Here, countless fun invitations lined up. In the face of the many beautiful themes, “Spoilt for choice” comes up often. The invitation cards, which can be processed online, are available in different sizes. Even folding cards with matching envelopes are offered, is located in the range. Usually already pre-printed invitation texts available on the invitation templates. This standard texts can be changed depending on the request.

They are primarily used to place the customized text correctly. Who Make birthday invitations yourself, is invited to contribute their own ideas. The result can be seen then as well. Finally, homemade invitation cards are unique! To make invitations via the Internet, requires no prior knowledge. The shops make easy pleasant any benighted beginner.

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Fun Bottles: Bottle, Great Fun

Fun bottles there are now also available in mini format so far the facts of a fun bottle were easy to remember: mouth-blown, about 40 centimeters high, 0.35 liters and also a separately lockable cavity for coupons, candy, accessories and other nice little things. Now, it is not necessarily complicated, but more diverse: the fun bottles of the same online shop there now is available in a smaller, also blown version that will serve mainly as a personal invitation, voucher bottle or simply as a dear little greeting. With its height of good 20 inches, a volume of 99 milliliters and the cavity dimensions 15 x 1.8 inches, the fun bottle mini also is a practical and attractive packaging for any occasion. We have noticed that some customers for certain gift occasions our standard funflasche is too big, they would give such a bottle but actually likes”, so the operators of the Stuttgart-based online shop. With others Words: What fits for birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries, may not be suitable for the small gesture in the meantime. That’s why the fun bottle makers decided that a small bottle similar to their extent of greater elegance and appeal that would be an ideal complement to the existing range – the fun bottle mini was born.

And even if they are small, the fun bottles are the large original mini in terms of creative purpose in anything after. Also the little sister”there in numerous variants, as regards cavity fillings and spirits. And she can be personalized via sandblasting with a greeting, a date, or a logo. We should be happy customers – for must he more remember now but also a few facts & figures. Contact details:, Holderlin road 40, 70193 Stuttgart, telephone + 49 711 9796507,,