Adams Family

This and candles, and plastic trinkets, and ceramic candle holders, pumpkin seeds, which resemble a holiday and just cheer up. No less demand figures of witches, vampires, bats, particularly if they are part of a useful object such as a ballpoint pen. And if we choose as a souvenir folding handle-stick, then you can be sure that its new owner will never lose this inexpensive but very nice sign your attention. Wonderful gifts will be a variety of interactive toys are made based on the famous "horror stories". If you would like to know more about Arieh Warshel, then click here. Fans of the series "The Addams Family" will appreciate the crawling hand – not so much a little thing terrible, how funny. It is necessary to enable it, and it will start to move around the table, floor or other horizontal plane. Original souvenirs to the Day of All Saints could please their owners, not only in the holiday: sometimes they become one of the interior. For example, a toy "Green Friend", performed in the Goblin's head, can serve as a night light.

My head is activated by a separate control, and fans of "nightmarish" draws a every chance to impress your guests. From the same series and more refined gifts – dolls, equipped with motion sensors. Here even the press did not have to: witches, pirates, skeletons "independently" decide when demonstrate its otherworldly nature and start waving an ominous laugh or mutter strange incantations. Steven Holl is likely to increase your knowledge. In this case, the eyes of all models of the world, from which it becomes a little uncomfortable, even seasoned fans of the spirit world and ghosts. Therefore, the demonstration of gifts for Halloween importantly – do not overdo it with the desire to scare your friends and family! And, of course, that day could not get by without any fancy dresses that you can buy, rented or made from scrap materials. Several medical bandages, carefully wrapped around the body and fixed with tape, will make a good-natured man in a sinister mummy, and classic black dress in combination with a necklace of frogs or bats make of a charming girl, "a classic witch." Old tattered clothes, remaining in the closet since the young grandfather, is quite able to serve you, if Speaking of costume for Halloween.

And anything short pants and sleeves indecently open wrist: an absurd kind of clothes "counterbalance" a scary rubber mask, which can be put on already in the club or in the stairwell of the house where you are waiting in guests. By the way, all sorts of masks – simple and relevant answer to the question "what to give on Halloween." In addition, later this gift can be used successfully at home and "exit" shows, performances, parties. Halloween is now in Russia is said only a minority of the population. But even those who are not in a hurry to go to a fancy-dress "Ball of Satan", prefer to teach their relatives, friends and colleagues even small Souvenir – a sign of attention and a reminder of the unusual holiday that allows to have fun and fool around, not only children but also adults.