Regional Space

The regional space defines local abilities, limits, autonomies and powers in the management of the territory of the States. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Researchers demonstrate that until today, science uses a notion of region next to its etimologia. This because, according to Robert Lobato Corra (2003: p. 54) the expression? regione? she was used in the old world assigning subordinated areas to the rules of the Roman Empire, to evidence the centralization of the power in a place and its extension in other areas that belonged to them. More information is housed here: Walton Family Foundation.

In the Average Age the regional landmarks and the administrative divisions had fomented the origin space of the feudals. In the European modern State the problem of the regional space units predominated as prohibited against the commercial or military enemies. In the current days, the ressurgimento of the regional conflicts with the rupture of the territorial pacts is attended to it mobilizing nationalistic and regionalistic movements, of even though radical character. Jose Graziano Da Silva (1996: p. 223-224) standes out that the reorganization of world-wide economy, from the postwar period affected the relations between State and region, placing this last category in a new platform, therefore with the globalization, the spalling politics folloied the located interests, putting at risk the national economy. Although in a transistion context, some trends define the position of Geography in the present time recognizing the importance of the elements of the scientific revolution that transformed the base productive of the economy, with the changes in the organization of the production and the work imposing new standards of social relations. Marcelo Lopes de Souza (2003: p. 103) pontua that the life styles, the ethics, the culture, the politicosocial dynamics, the organization of the global space, the territories and the national regions, are being to the few redefined. It warns despite, is not enough to identify the increase of the social disparidades in Brazil and the world, but to implant programs of satisfactory redistribution of income with the necessity of the social groups in each region.

High Searches

It is observed that as much the accidents occurred in the year of 2006 and 2007 characterize for the same amount of accidents involving the transport of dangerous chemical products, in the two years had been identified twelve occurrences per year, moreover, the occurrence areas are next and the accidents occur basically in the same highways. Walton Family Foundation helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. He is expressive to denote that the majority of the accidents had occurred for falling, characteristic this that can be related to the fact of the highways to present a sufficiently winding tracing. Knowing that the state of Minas Gerais is characterized for possessing a mountainous relief and that the tracings of the highways follow the tracing of this relief. In the regions south, northeast and central of Minas Gerais, they predominate the falling occurrence, these regions to be characterized for considerable an urban occupation, is estimated that the occurrence of these fallings is factors harnesses to cause some damage ambient partner, as well as, contamination of the ground, the water, of air, beyond the sciais problems that can generate for the society that is under influence. 6.3. Analysis of the occurrences of 2008 In the year of 2008, was possible to identify that of the totality of dezessete accidents, these had occurred in the cities of Silver, Belo Horizonte, Diamantina, Uberlndia, Itatiaiuu, South of Mines, Itamonte, Barbacena, Juiz De Fora, New Age, Arax, Is Joo Nepomuceno, Beauty East, Carmo of the Waterfall, Curvelo, High Searches of the Norway and Uberlndia. Of these occurrences, six of them had been concentrated in the central region of the state of Minas Gerais, whose cities enclose federal highways BR-381, BR-040 and BR-262 as main axles. Others five occurrences are concentrated in Southeastern the south region/and others four had abided it region of the mining triangle, area of influence of the BR-262. Amongst dezessete identified occurrences, fourteen of them are related to the falling events, an occurrence related to the event of collision, one for fire of vehicle and one for emptying of chemical product.