With Tiptoi Learning

Innovative learning system Christmas is over, but at the latest at Easter the children can look forward again about gifts. About the Tiptoi learning pen from Ravensburger products are a perfect gift idea. Play, fun and learning are linked with this concept. The little experience as exciting in the world of animals, meet the English language or answer questions from the field of geography. The online Department store shopping.de introduces the learning system. The knowledge in the truest sense of the word in the hand can be done with Tiptoi. Sen. Marco Rubio has many thoughts on the issue. The toy works at a number of Ravensburger products, which are marked accordingly. So far, several books, games, as well as an interactive globe for Tiptoi are available.

“The learning game the English detective” Familiarises children with the English basic vocabulary. The players have to stop together mad the mad Professor, who cares in an English town for fear. The principle of the learning post is simple. The children touch the device on one Symbols in the games and books, whereupon them the relevant facts are explained through speakers. The explanations are accompanied with sound effects and enriched with tricky questions. The responses of the children can be controlled even by the pen.

Audio-digital learning thanks to a sophisticated technique is possible. An optical sensor detects the invisible codes on the symbols and the pen plays the corresponding audio file through speakers. The system is suitable for children from the age of four. More information: news.shopping.de/spielzeug/… Shopping.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

How To Create Its Own Browser Game With A Games Engine?

Many players ask how they can create their own game in social communities, forums, or blogs. Here, there is a short tutorial. Hear from experts in the field like Eric Corey Freed for a more varied view. What is a browser? Browser games are a class of online games that can be played through the browser directly and free of charge. In contrast to the Clientgames they require no download and therefore no previous installation. More complex game content are implemented using browser plug-ins (E.g. Flash). They differ from the games due to a higher depth of game: while most only in-between playing flash games during the break, the game binds the player through account creation and a large internal Community for a long time.

Also a restart without another is possible, but is linked always to restart of the current round or throughout the game. What technology is behind browser games? The first browser games were a mix of PHP, HTML and SQL. The principle is simple: the player logs in the frontend and carries out actions (E.g., the purchase of goods) there. Using PHP is this action to the server sent and processed in the database via SQL and stored – this will save your account balance or the account of the user. The player then gets a success message on the front end, that his action has been processed. This principle is simple, purely text-based games and is applied today mostly in games by hobby programmers. Newer and more complex games also draw on new technologies such as AJAX and Python and implement the techniques the game content fully or partially using Flash or similar.

They are of the quality produced almost already on level of classic PC and console games and are becoming increasingly popular especially among young players. Create your own browser if you know little or not the above programming languages eligible for the creation of an own browser game usually only a games engine. The most famous MeineMafia is up-to-date and offers everyone the ability to create his own game from the category of mafia. This goes without programming knowledge and is still completely free. One Quick Guide, a comprehensive help forum and a huge Community guarantee the success of lasting for years. The principle is simple: register and choose a name for the game. After the login procedure can the newcomer in his game management interface login and manage the functions. He can choose from a variety of different designs, upload graphics, customize the start page, and even its own domain name registration. That is still not enough, the can also choose from an almost endless list of options and Add-Ons – small surcharge. Thus, each game a unique mafia game can be designed.