Ceramic Tiles Practical Advice

Heating stoves in his country house sometimes gives a lot of trouble and inconvenience. Cradle Systems is full of insight into the issues. Even correctly folded plastered and whitewashed stove sometimes gives large and small cracks, of which begins to pour the sand and fine particles of plaster, which leads to pollution of the space around the heating stove and spoils the look of the stove itself. See more detailed opinions by reading what Heather Bresch offers on the topic.. Sealing and plastering the furnace in the ground cracks and crevices of the results practically do not. Through while cracks appear again, but the story of the dirty areas and poor appearance of the stove going. Therefore it was decided oblitsevat oven with ceramic tiles. Preparatory work for the cladding kiln tile solution to be easy, but how to translate it into reality without having any experience in laying tile? Especially because stacking must be done on the furnace wall, which are far from straightness and the vertical and horizontally.

And yet, we are not accustomed to retreat, we will bake oblitsevat one magazine forgot to call of course, honored for starting a variety of little books, magazines and asked around friends, acquaintances and friends, then packed up everything in head and the song forward. I counted the number of required tiles by cutting already added 20 percent (that’s a lot, would be enough 15%), plus 5% margin for dropout tiles in the kiln operation. As it turned out that the stock was not needed, but on a later date. Also acquired the cement, all-purpose adhesive for ceramic tile, crosses in?> 2,5 mm grout for joints, rubber spatula, spatula with serrated, trowel and tile cutter.