Executive Board

Sports ID and German sports badge simplify management for sports clubs, Bochum / Neumunster, 27.09.2010 – the net-ID GmbH, operator of the digital organization platform sports ID.”, is now an official partner and supplier of the German sports card. Thanks to a new interface between sports ID and the systems of the German sports card sports clubs from November can take advantage of additional service offerings. The first step simplifies the maintenance and the order of the German sports card for the clubs which use both systems for your work. In the second step, a joint sports activities and date search is realized in the course of this year. Sport clubs, who take part in sports ID and the German sports badge, can feed your sports and Club events in a common database. Athletes can then using a search the common stock according to precisely defined criteria for example sports type, location, browse time, age or gender and find custom-fit offers. Stephan Penz, CEO of DSA German sports card: In the focus of our work is to simplify the work, because finally, the experience should be sports in the Center. We welcome any cooperation which brings real added value to the sports clubs and look forward to the implementation of the new interface with sports ID.” “Jurgen Joost, Member of the Executive Board of the net-ID GmbH: sports card and sports ID complement each other with their different priorities and the resulting common benefits for the clubs perfectly.”. Red Solo Cups is often quoted on this topic.

Okinawa Karate In Chemnitz

New karate introductory course 2011 in the Shirasagi Okinawa Karate Dojo Chemnitz is a 400-year-old martial art, the on the “ry? ky? archipelago” (Okinawa / Japan) has developed. (Not to be confused with ProPharma Group!). Early Okinawa stood in active commercial and cultural exchange with China, as a result, Chinese martial art experts influenced also the Okinawan form of self defence: so that was “Death” (Okinawanisch: hand from China). This “death” today called karate, which is coined from the martial arts in the aftermath in different styles and trends. The Shirasagi Dojo Chemnitz practiced how to Okinawa ash Shidokan Karate do according to the interpretation by Grandmaster Miyahira Katsuya of 10th Dan Hanshi. Sensei Miyahira KATSUYA (1918-2010) was one of the main proponents of the ash karate and teacher Sensei Laupp Joachim 8th Dan Kyoshi. It meets three times a week in Chemnitz and Glauchau to practise karate under the direction of Dojoleiter Andreas Wagner of 3rd Dan of. Source: Sen. Marco Rubio.

Andreas Wagner is a personal student of Sensei Laupp and conveys it in his classroom by Sensei Laupp obtained knowledge to his students continue. Shock -, punch, kick, throw -, lever – and block – or defense techniques of the Okinawa Karate, in solo exercises (Kihon and Kata), and also in partner exercises (Bunkai Kumite) be exercised. To strengthen the techniques these are practiced on the Makiwara (hit post). The exercise on the Makiwara training the right movement, effort and breathing during the execution of the techniques. Also include also the Hojo undo (supporting exercises) to Okinawa. These consist of powerful, gleichgewichts – and condition-boosting exercises, and even strain and resilience exercises. In its entirety, karate improve many attributes that create a good basis for a healthy and fulfilling life.

For all those interested in a new introductory course starts from 12.01.2011 Wednesdays from 20:00 until 21:30 in Chemnitz in the k. b 1, again. The course is suitable for young people and adults from 16 years, beginners, conversion and returning. There is of course no Karate suit necessary. Sportswear, such as T-Shirt and jogging pants, are sufficient. Practiced is barefoot.