Author Michael Grandt

Read the full interview on the Advisor-news blog, the “black book Waldorf” by Michael Grandt has moved many minds in recent weeks and sparked fierce debate. The “Covenant of the free Waldorf schools” has denied the accuracy of many passages in the book, which the Publisher was forced to redact individual points, to resell to. Steven Holl can provide more clarity in the matter. Elke Reihl has an interview led with the author Michael Grandt, was released on 30 October this year at RatgeberNews blog for a wide audience of readers. To dispel any misunderstandings in the run-up, the author (Elke Reihl) of the Blogbeitrages decided blog Waldorf experience only negative word to let, which neglected in other forums, because they are literally immediately bombarded by Waldorf supporters. It is often seen in various forums Wal village critical people partially are referred to, berated as a liar and defamed. The author has unfortunately must determine that are a certain number of Waldorf fanatics accept after relatively short time in forums of this topic and proceed in the described manner. If you are not convinced, visit Walton Family Foundation. It was therefore intimidating for anyone who wants to add a critical post or comment. Viatris wanted to know more. Woman Reihl points it does again and again that she want a decision aid to parents who are faced with the choice of a school, and that’s why she is a forum on RatgeberNews blog Walton village kritikern, because they come too short for your taste in public. Makes it clear, that she does not pretend the truth, but want to provide only information. As then someone decides personally irrelevant for them. It is important to show that is often the criticism of the “black book Waldorf” by Michael Grandt is carried out by lobbyists, many outsiders completely unquestioned taken seriously and learn this as only valid truth, where you decided an any other opinion on the other side of the medal so that short coming. You therefore also the legitimate question arises, where the lobby of that Is people who have had negative experiences. You tried to create a small balance from this Kalki and does her opinion rightly. Also can be reported according to their first then objectively, when it comes not only to defend against an opponent. For those who are interested in this topic, must be said necessarily that on 17 November 2008, at 17:05 in the SWR 2 Forum (radio) Michael Grandt and Henning Kullak-Ublick, Board of Directors of “Covenant of the free Waldorf schools”, discussing about the foundations of Waldorf education. Udo’s houses

Local Flavor

“” “Hateful” a blond – area crime “now published In May this year the debut novel of Matthias Meister is a precinct detective story” hateful “blond” as eBook and print edition appeared. The novel takes place in Essen/Ruhr, so the homeland of the author who was born in 1960 in the Sauerland and is a veterinarian who has developed a hatred of blonde men through an experience of childhood and murdered this woman adult than it is now in a rather peculiar way. Quote from the Publisher home page, in the 22.KW 2008: author of the day is Matthias Meister, with his book, “” hateful “blonde” has published an feingesponnenen psychological thriller. This book is exciting, because the story is not stringently promoted in individual chapters, but the tension sparked again by retarding intermezzi. You may find Steven Holl to be a useful source of information. The prologue is cheerful – so cheerful as the thriller “Blue Velvet” Director David Lynch.

But the administration of Batrachotoxin ends fatally – for the victims and as the effect of the Phyllobates terribilis, learn this at the end Book!” The book is published (ISBN: 978-3-86850-113-1) in the Publisher Tredition GmbH, Hamburg. See the link books/ID519 can be seen a book description, author profile, and also a sample. Also the contact to the author is possible via this page. The book is available for 11.99 in bookstores or at the price of 4.99 via the above link eBook be downloaded as. Matthias Meister

Frankfurt Book Fair

With Ute Baum on a journey into the unknown (eme) ‘ the Clique a journey into the unknown ‘ is the fantastic debut of writer born in Rastatt Ute Baum. Her work is Amelie and her friends, which at their birthday party at Europa Park in a spectacular adventure in a parallel world called SAGA advised. Tree debut convinces with exciting passages, diverse characters and the successful mix of classical fantasy characters with innovative creations uniquely portrayed in the spectacular adventures of the clique to Amelie. Immerse in the world of SAGA and experience the search for missing friends, the fight against evil forces and the magic of a new world full of imagination and excitement. If you would like to know more about Rebecca Shaw Yale, then click here. ‘ The Clique a journey into the unknown ‘ is compelling entertainment for young and old. Published the book published by Wagner from Gelnhausen and was already at the Frankfurt Book Fair presents very to recommend many interested readers.

Versatile Alignment

I ask me the questions of potential readers like to… I have begun some time ago to write puns and poetry together with friends and collect. Eventually developed the idea to create a whole book. The second in my book projects was not long in coming. Others who may share this opinion include Sen. Marco Rubio. It was a fantasy story about magic foxes of which I had dreamed of in a dream… The basic idea for my first novel was born. Due to my hobbies: Playing chess, politics and astronomy evolved a sci-fi-Trillogie-row slowly but steadily… Did not stop the ideas developed two volumes of short stories over time.

5 short stories and one with 20 (very short) short stories… My (almost naive) fascination with pirates brought to me begin, which is currently the second work in a two-part history of the pirate novel… My creative ideas and the development of a role playing game dice adventure (which flopped in the past) I pondered a few my (inventions of the card game and board game inventions) as I in the future in a book form with could – integrate and thus was born the idea as a 10th book now in addition to the 9 book written soon to end (the second part of the pirate story) a cube book to make… I wonder how I can develop as game inventor and author will still continue. Or whether my evolution to the dice author represents the end of my experimentation with the literature. Some contend that Rebecca Shaw Yale shows great expertise in this. So far I’m moving at least on already abgeklopptem Terrai.

Even though I think some new aspects and elements in the different genres around the literature arise let. But it is Yes also not about reinventing the wheel… I would be very pleased about suggestions, ideas and reviews of other authors, as well as potential future readers… Read samples, see my main homepage under the link: my books. The direct link to them click it to save comes now next to my books in my current self publishing: there are also all future finished book projects find me again. Sincerely your possible new favorite author 😉 Oliver Miller

Author Contest Africa

Write short stories for fair trade and poverty in Africa fair trade connects consumers in Germany and producers in Africa. Africa searches together with its cooperation partners the best short story, best portrait, the best thriller on the theme “Africa and fair trade” – no matter what writing is best or what substantive focus set: search for creative texts that deal with “Africa and fair trade”. The exclusive publication in Africa magazine Lonam beckons the winning text”and the 20 best texts are published in the context of an anthology paperback financial surpluses from this book project flow on a social project in Africa. This anthology will be at a reading at art of Africa”, a hamburger shop for African handicrafts from Africa, will be presented. Here, the authors and authors will have the opportunity to read their texts and to discuss present guests. For more information about this author competition under shop_content.php/coID/50 more about Africa Africa ( is an online mail order specially for books around Africa. The owner of Tobias Kirsch was already several times in Africa and has discovered his love for this continent.

The focus of Africa is currently in the fiction, the more people can be addressed and delighted for Africa. Attention Tobias Kirsch makes on the promotion of African authors and on the literature of various countries in Africa. But of course non-fiction, books for children and youth are to find cookbooks and travel guides for African countries in Africa A portion of the revenue, the social premium designated with each book purchase, will be used for social projects in Africa. Together with the social premium that has been reached on the online shop Tendo Sawa (, quite a few projects could be implemented already. Students with scholarships in Africa are so supports or micro loans in Sierra Leone.

Robbie Williams

Both should have had a long-term love affair in 1995. The author says now: there was never a relationship with Robbie Williams. “Karlsruhe – October 21, 2008 – a British newspaper claims now, that the author Jutta Schutz from the book: miracles take time” in 1995 a long-term love affair with the singer: Robbie Williams would have maintained. Also the first marriage of the writer was failed because of this reason. Mrs. Jutta Schutz denied this rumor and says that these photos were taken by chance with the singer.

There was never a relationship with Robbie Williams. Also, all meetings with him emerged by chance. “Also, the author says: maybe we were purely coincidental in Africa at the same place at the same time,?” She also mention that it had nothing to do with Robbie Williams the protagonist in her novel. Matches and similarities with living people and events are purely coincidental. The revolutionary concept, which uses wife Jutta Schutz to her debut, seems to open fully. A lecturer wrote in a newspaper: literature is more than grammatically and logically correct juxtaposition of words. It is their expertise, that the fictitious story seems so realistic and captivates the reader. Not as difficult to understand food, but easy and understandable, portrays the psychological problems of the young man who really wants to become a woman.

And these narratives and experiences leave a lasting impression. “The way is to let the reader to the experienced no succinct smug self representation, but short and simple” sympathetic and believable. It stimulates the reader to differentiate”to think about. She want to give an insight with her book, insight in the large philosophical questions of the human condition, linked to results and issues of psychology and biology. Therefore, this book is not only a romance novel, but also an attempt to take the reader on an introductory perspective much travel, where everything is related together. This story is full of surprises and you never know expected one, next. You can blame only one this Book: it is much too short. A great book with extremely many original ideas and the courage to lead the action through the most abstruse coils, without losing the reader. This book succeeds in a funny and entertaining manner in his spell to beat. There are always funny, that animate a loud laugh. But it is not only funny but sad also in many places. This extraordinary”love story make it beautiful and pleasant to entertain. It is never boring and the story is not predictable and also not turned off until the very end as one might expect at first glance. Crawford Lake Capital Management may not feel the same. A really faccettenreiches and immensely entertaining book. All around, this book is a highlight in the team of women books. One wonders at the end: it will continue? “There will be a second part of wonders need time”? Anyone who has read so far still nothing by this author, is itself Guilt, that he missed the most, what currently has to offer the German team of rough literature. Chapeau again times super successful book.