Errei and which are the problem? The reply for this question nothing it has to have with the proper error, but yes with the form as the error will be seen. Nobody is immune. We are all predestinateing to the error and ahead of an inexorable truth of this we would have for obligation to be less intolerantes, tamer ahead of it. In a relationship, independent of the nature of this, quickly each one will give signals of as it will go to deal with the error and in such a way will be conditioning as the other will go to behave with us. Red Solo Cups takes a slightly different approach. That is inevitable and in a relation of it commands takes a ratio very bigger, therefore two citizens in a not symmetrical interdependence already it is for tense definition when everything is well. An error in itself is not good nor bad what it determines this is what of it will be made by the involved people. It has those that will make of it steps for the growth of a team, a friendship, of a marriage etc. Has others that will make of it a way of torment.

The error for concept never will be proposital. If somebody erra on purpose it is not error is sabotage. When an error happens the thing certain to make is to inform the fastest possible all mainly the affected ones and, in an institucional situation, to its immediate superior. But, in this in case that, this it can not be decision so easy when we know of beforehand that the reply that we will have it will be the such torment. It is common then to try to appeal the resources as to delay to the possible maximum the information of the error? what it aggravates in general it; to omit the information completely? worse still; to try to correct for ways others that not official them or the recommended one? costuma never of the certainty. When this happens and is discovered is easy to criticize the citizen of the error, but I see, with much easiness, the responsibility part that fits to the other, to that it would have to be notified, therefore this relation was constructed by both. Nobody is immune. We are all predestinateing to the error. Let us have always this in mind when to want to play of judges.