Online Portal – author and pages create for free travel, education, relationship, science, hobby, medical, vocational… There are 1000 different topics that can be found on the Internet and make browsing on the Web so interesting. Who would like to spread knowledge on the Internet, often relies on blogs and forums or represents your own homepage on the net. At the present time it is but increasingly important not only disseminate knowledge, but to link to a variety of media such as images and sound. So, E.g. YouTube videos, Flickr images, or Google maps on the Internet play an increasingly important role. The integration of external messages linking to other sources of information and the possibility of the active and interested user created content take part is equally important. We at offer our members a platform on which this free, quick and easy create your personal pages with high-quality content without knowledge of HTML or programming experience and with one click YouTube videos, Flickr images and many more modules can be integrated. The user is thus important and emancipated itself from the consumer of the information for the active design of its pages and content.