Mobile Internet On The Rise

Cheap data flat rates for under 20 euros a month available Berlin, July 2009 with the laptop on the beach, in the park or in the cafe to surf mobile Internet as an important building block to the nationwide broadband coverage -? No problem: Mobile Internet using the UMTS standard is the trend in Germany and is strong on the rise. So the mobile operator Telefonica O2 expects growth rates of up to 30 million users in the next few years. Overlooking the classic ADSL mobile Internet has become a serious alternative\”, explains tariff expert Ingo Bohg by the independent consumer portal Learn more about this with ProPharma Group. \”Just in the so-called white spots ‘ in the German broadband mobile Internet as an ideal and cheaper DSL replacement to the closure of existing gaps are offered.\” How well does the mobile Internet when compared to the traditional DSL connection but? experts have to do this, the performance of data flat rates for the PC and laptop use in \”\” \”the categories availability\”, prize\”and speed\” examined and compared. 1 availability the availability of mobile Internet is the biggest plus to DSL and co.

Mobile Internet is independent of leased lines and hotspots and granted a maximum degree of freedom while surfing the World Wide Web through the use of mobile networks for data transmission. The quality of mobile networks for the use of UMTS services has increased greatly in recent years and further the competitiveness of mobile Internet with new technical standards like HSPA + will increase in the near future,\”performs Bohg. 2nd Prize can measure the mobile Internet with the DSL competition not only with views on the availability, but also the price. Cheap data flat rates including hardware are available such as the discounter ALDI already for 17.61 euros a month. \”The party BASE and plus + charge for their laptop Internet-flat\” 20,42 euro.