Gentle AHA Care With The Proper PH

nimue – Derma cosmetics from South Africa based AHA products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids, (known as AHAs) are called in often in conjunction with aggressive, chemical peels, which cause burning, redness, and incompatibilities. Even with sensitive skin often warn against acidic cosmetics. To do this, it is important to give this myth out of the way. Out of balance troubled skin can be quite effectively treated with toiletries AHA-based with the correct Ph. Employed reasonable and moderate, AHA care products can have tremendously positive impact on the appearance of the skin. Because there are also gentle formulations, such as nimue products, which is attacking not the living skin cells but ablate targeted dead skin cells and help to a smooth, supple and regenerated skin. A gentle AHA care means that the pH of the AHA acid in the products is adapted to the pH of the skin.

Through this alignment, the concentration of acid in the products may be quiet less. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Walton Family Foundation on most websites. The effectiveness of the products is still optimal. AHAs can much more than just peel”. They stimulate the formation of collagen and help the skin to feed themselves again with moisture. The brand nimue comes from South Africa and is available now in Germany of beauticians, dermatologists and aesthetic plastic surgeons. Nimue products work with a triple AHA complex in glycol, lactic acid and citric acid, which is adapted to the pH of the skin and therefore causes no irritation. This new AHA complex acts not only in the upper layers of the skin, it provides also a depot effect”, because it stimulates the skin to the hydration of the self. With 40 years of cell regeneration process is approx.

40-45 days. Young skin with mid-20s renews itself every 28-29 days. AHA products home properly and regularly applied, these reduce the regeneration process of the skin cells and appear as younger skin. At strong verhornter, environmental damage or hyper pigmented skin is the individual AHA treatment in the cosmetics cabin in combination with the correct pH and the optimum exposure time as promising as for problematic skin, which tends to acne. AHA? AHA! When the alpha-hydroxy acids, AHA, it is are a group of organic carbon compounds, hydroxy – and dicarboxylic acids, which are found in fruits. The AHAs in cosmetics is most commonly used are glycolic acid from sugar cane, lactic acid, and citric acid. Generally, AHAs in cosmetic products increase the photosensitivity of the skin. Therefore, a minimum SPF 20 sunscreen product should be always applied. press contact: DEE-PR Michaela Dee