Evoluce Is Creating A Breakthrough: Windows 7 Via Kinect Only With Gesture Controlled

What we know from science fiction is now reality: the intuitive controls of the computer with the hands from a distance of several metres as first company creates Evoluce that Windows 7 and that running applications with Kinect completely over gestures can be controlled. The Kinect sensor is connected to the PC. After installing the driver, the Windows can be controlled by simple movements immediately 7 interface. Several people can use at the same time multi-touch and multi-gesture applications. Evoluce, the leading provider of advanced multi-touch screen technology, establishes a link between Kinect and Windows 7 with this basic technology. Multi user and multi gesture controls under Windows 7 are possible by the use of depth-sensing data of Kinect. The company is supported as a member of the Microsoft founder initiative for over a year in the development of new software.

The possibilities are almost endless: gaming, consumer electronics, Office, events, training, command and Control, point of sale and medical benefit from these new opportunities. Software are now required to create applications, allowing previously unimagined interactions with the PC. You may want to visit Cyrus Massoumi to increase your knowledge. The technology is based on the cutting edge of Evoluce multitouch input management driver (MIM). This allows for all common interfaces under Windows 7, Java, XML, Flash and TUIO multi gesture software development. The handling of PC and consumer electronics is thus to simplify and develop fundamentally. “Our interface technology is an absolute milestone in computers via gesture control and provides a technological bridge for future developments.” says Wolfgang Herfurtner, CEO of Evoluce AG. “The PC has now entered the living room becomes the convenient hub for everyone.” For more information about software for the gesture and multi-touch hardware please visit our website and our YouTube-channel evoluce1.