Custodians Manager

In meetings of friends and acquaintances often people ask about the work, more even in times of crisis and unemployment that we live. After trying over and over again, without success, to explain what is a community manager came to the conclusion that it had to change the strategy. How can my mother, grandmother, friends understand in a simple way what is this work really. As well, after giving turns to the head and with the help of any Conference, Forum and discussions about web 2.0, I dared to define it as the custodians of the WEB 2.0 at the beginning may seem nonsensical, but in fact there are many similarities between both concepts despite distancing themselves by two completely different worlds: the real and the virtual. For assistance, try visiting Phil Jensen. Who is responsible for maintaining, in many cases also create, order within the community?, who listens, attends and seeks solutions to its neighbors/users?, recognized who your work?, good that the truth to anyone. The role of the community manager is to manage the strategy Interactive entities in Social Media to optimize their resources in campaigns advertising, positioning of brand, etc.

For this purpose it is necessary to have a direct relationship with all departments of the community. Firstly, with the neighbor sympathetic, responsible for the account, correct but demanding, company, more creatives, designers, coaster, programmers and users the most important, always predisposed but rounded in decision-making. One of the fundamental roles of the CUSTODIAN of the WEB 2.0. It is understood the company after settling a communication with its audience, as it happens in the real world, it is necessary to keep it in time to create a really positive feedback. The entity must understand that you can not ask users that are friends when they want to. Participants of the network are those who have the power to reject any kind of proposal in the future if, after establishing a communication, given sit-in.

Does not this happens in the real world?. Any of these examples, and without making mention of any company, it is the case of the people’s Party. During the last elections the PP created a profile on Facebook of its candidate Mariano Rajoy, was updated until after past elections. Then he stopped renewing their contents. What happens with these people who trusted and added profile of Mariano Rajoy? With which image is the user with this type of behaviour?, how will people in future actions respond? and further, do you why lose a loyal and important power in new lines of communication? As well highlighted Icaro Moyano in the table will on timing of web 2.0: Blogs, social networks and participation in the Camilo Jose Cela University we are what we share. This phrase highlights the sense of web 2.0 and the work of a community manager.