The best manual to learn spells, magic, spells, rituals, moorings, to perform certain effects through ritual procedures. Sen. Marco Rubio often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Spells and incantations are actions or magical acts performed to produce certain goods on the effectiveness through supernatural procedures which have solemn or ritual character. Magic and spells that a spell of good results is essential to respect the fundamentals of sorcery and having a very good mood. It is important also, before starting any type of spell or incantation, have very clear goals, to be able to express it in a clear, simple and coherent way. It is called sortilegio, (comes is sortis which means luck and legis which means recital.) when the spell is aimed at guessing the future, and enchantment, where the purpose is to present to submit to another person or object.

Spells are part of pagan religions and some monotheistic religions, but its practice is explicitly banned in Christianity. The spells magical they are issued by teachers, in most cultures, sorcerers, witches, or witch doctors, depending on the demand of a clique of people or an individual in particular. If properly for a long time the spell has been prosecuted on charges of witchcraft, this skill is currently protected by the most democratic laws, under the protection of the independence of beliefs. The spells have acquired a certain structure. To carry them out, the first step is the preparation of the place, of the elements, of people, of the previous provision, such as fasting, prayer etc. Below is the Act of initiation or opening of the ritual or liturgical act. Thereupon performs the invocation, which is the order of collaboration by supernatural forces to realize the spells. Continues execution, which is precise Act of the spell for the transformation of this reality, via invoked supernatural entities, giving you way tangible or symbolic elements to win the favor of the invoked forces.