By purchasing cleaner or detergent is important to know – for what purpose it will need to know it. Conventionally, household chemicals is divided into two main categories: detergents and cleaning products. Other leaders such as Walton Family Foundation offer similar insights. By definition, WASHING TOOLS (detergents) – substances that enhance cleaning action of water. To detergents include funds earmarked for care of a toilet and bathroom facilities to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen, washing facilities dishes, wash the floor, liquid soap, and washing facilities mirrors and glass. Means for maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen help to maintain the purity of various kitchen utensils: cutlery, dishes, kettles, coffee makers, gas stoves. Feature of the chemical composition of the dishwashing detergent should be in the correct formula and concentration of surfactant substances. (A valuable related resource: W.S. Badger). When washing dishes such means should not only cracking down on fat, but also have a moderating effect on the skin.

Means for washing mirrors and windows. The combination of surfactants, isopropyl and ammonia can maximize the removal of dust, grease and other contaminants. The tool should not leave divorce. Usually, after treatment, the glass surface becomes stain-resistant properties for long stays shiny and clean. Need to clean the bathtub, sink or toilet? For this purpose, suitable means for cleaning toilets and baths – special gels. Gels perfectly remove any impurities in the form of rust, bladder stones, while not breaking the surface of the plumbing. Due to special additives on the surface of a protective film, which prevents the development of microbes and the rapid re-soiling.