Chairman Annington

Deutsche Annington and AWo are way out of the debt trap the Deutsche Annington real estate group (DAIG) and the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWo) offer nationwide free noted advice for tenants of DAIG. The Treaty was signed the largest real estate companies of in Germany, and the ElternService AWo GmbH in the spring by the Deutsche Annington, with 210,000 apartments. The DAIG is the total cost of the project. The project went very well. Many tenants who are with their rent in arrears, take advantage of the advice voucher and take the advice from experts of the AWo claim. And many people could in this way also be helped. Klaus Freiberg, Executive Board of the Deutsche Annington, explains the objective of the cooperation: with the AWo noted advice, we want to help tenants who are in payment problems.

That strengthens the communities of tenants and in the long term contribute to customer satisfaction. Of course, our company profits, if we succeed to reduce the fluctuations in our apartments.” Wolfgang Stadler, Chairman of Arbeiterwohlfahrt, assessed the cooperation with the Deutsche Annington as an important step to help affected tenants: we offer the tenants and tenants in the short term and binding a qualified initial consultation. This is important so that the problems of the families concerned are not worse by delay. On the contrary we see significant relief in the affected families, if the debt issue is actively addressed jointly with experts.” Since the beginning of the project tenants of DAIG, who have fallen into arrears with the second reminder voucher for debt counselling. This is done via a 0800 free phone number then. The lessee requires a further consultation, so he can communicate directly to regional AWo branches or other local advice centres.