Dragonianos was an only race of humanides powerful, that they defended the universe of deadly races, and of other hunters of you reward, for example. However, in plus one day of battles, Ylumynasse and Locentery, the Patriarchs Patronal – that is, the commanders of each world (or each planet, as much is remembered) -, they had left of Ravhysnt (its world of origin) for other worlds; part of the family of Ylumynasse fought, but they had one day found enemies more powerful, and had an enormous spilling of cruel blood of its family through the hands of its new opponents. Thus, in the return to the Ravhysnt, after to have defeated the opponents, Ylumynasse was remained quiet, but Locentery wanted to know what it really had in the mind of optimum friend, however, nothing. Days later, Ylumynasse was congregated with its clan, every day and all the nights. Certain day, had a battle, where a sanguinria race possua one orbe that it gave to more power those got that it. Blind person for the power, Ylumynasse kills the owner of it, and divides its power with the proper clan.

Locentery, in turn, tries impediz it, but he is very weak. Ylumynasse decides, therefore, it is avenged of the Dragonianos, saying that they could prevent the death of sesu familiar if they had not had mercy of the enemies. Thus, it declares war to the old friends who if had opposed the seguiz it. Locentery tries to come back its decision, but they do not remain return choices to it, therefore it decides to free Ylumynasse in one another way without killing it and dying Throughout the time, day after day, battle between the Dragonianos de Locentery and the Paladinianos de Ylumynasse (as well as this it called its race). In the end of everything, extreme points arrive where in plus a battle, Ylumynasse and Locentery its Reals congregate all to be able to fight in order one to only leave victorious person – in the battle, these die at the same time, one killing the other; the Paladinianos runs away, taking the body of Ylumynasse and per seven years they are hidden until a new gentleman of the darknesses renasa and the Dragonianos prepares the son of its old master, Locentery II to command them, therefore the master, who had only can be this its condition of being a Haleon descendant, the family most powerful of the universe Through the ages, new combatants had appeared to try to bring light or darknesses to the universe, being evolved the race the new powerful levels This history will elapse from the recent age of Dragonianos and Paladinianos with the Legion Dragon and the Horda Paladina until the end of the ages