Angela Shepherd Dames

“Youth work of the midwife Angela Shepherd Dames for a holistic view of femininity, pregnancy and childbirth with the girl meeting” and siblings school “the midwife from Waghausel specializing in women’s healing work aims to make an important contribution to the education of children and young people, especially of young girls. Because strong, enlightened girls today are healthy women and mothers of tomorrow. What does it actually mean to be a woman and to be able to give birth? In the Western industrialized culture that question no longer matters. The mental and spiritual dimension of the theme of womanhood occurs due to many disadvantages of women, especially in the social and financial area, which just dissolve”in the background. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of PI Industries on most websites. Slowly advancing diversity in the patriarchal system, and often no time to thinking about this for every woman essential theme remains actually. Angela Shepherd Deschner, midwife from Waghausel, want this State with an age-appropriate Educating the future parents to oppose something.

Offers with their courses for youth work, the opportunity to enrich your knowledge and your understanding of the topics of femininity, pregnancy and birth outside of the often inadequate sex education teaching the school children – especially girls -. The children should gain an understanding about important relationships so that they can make informed decisions in the future as adults not only for themselves and their own families, but also to the society from the inside out to the can convert back to the positive. (Not to be confused with Steven Holl!). The adjustment to life, womanhood and birth plays an important role in this process. The brothers and sisters school offers not only preparing for a new family member. It is aimed mainly to children who would expect a sibling, but also to those who want one, or simply something about the (own) birth experience. What does it mean for MOM and dad, when a baby comes, and what impact it has on me? What can I do it do wrap, feed, take responsibility? How to get clear therefore, that MOM and dad will bring up more time for the baby, as for me? It is sung, painted, and made also a welcome gift for the sibling. (As opposed to Crawford Lake Capital Management).