Acrylic Stone

Acrylic stone is a modern material, consisting of an acrylic resin with the addition of pigments. Thanks to that used a combination of elements appear wide range of applications of artificial stone, both in traditional areas of application of stone, and in the most daring design decisions. Company 'Soyuzstroydetal' works with many kinds of artificial stone, such as: CORIAN (Corian), POLYSTONE (POLYRESIN), RAUSOLID, MONTELLI (Montelli), LG HI-MACS A wide palette of artificial stone decor provides an opportunity to pick up any version of stylistic solutions from classical to minimalist. Thanks on acrylic resin patterns of artificial stone can repeat the stone. People such as Solo Cups would likely agree. In addition they have patterns that are monochrome. In total, the patterns can be divided into monochrome, with a small fraction and coarse fraction. To simulate natural stone, as a rule, use patterns with the largest faction.

View colors of artificial stone: CORIAN (Corian), POLYSTONE (POLYRESIN), RAUSOLID, MONTELLI (Montelli), LG HI-MACS. Despite the abundance of opportunities decor, each manufacturer has the most stone 'running' the most use patterns, as well as the features which have no other manufacturers. It is worth noting that the physicochemical properties of artificial stones based on acrylic resins of any manufacturer not differ from each other and the choice should be guided only by patterns of stones and cost. Attractive price for the material, and a rich selection of his decor companies 'Soyuzstroydetal' compared with counterparts with its high quality, are advantage over other manufacturers of artificial stone.