The gestalt-therapy has left of the basic premise that the nature human being is organizer, as a whole, where its parts, that is, the way, the interpersonal relations, its interior life (individuality, sociability) all has its particularitities and influences in this. Continue to learn more with: Brenton Saunders. However, the addition of these parts with the psychic world reflects necessarily this all (bio-psico-social); where the experience is lived deeply by the individual in these terms and alone it can be understood as therapeutical that it now works here and (present) the phenomena that emerge in the therapy. According to Hurssel (1980, apud CRITELLI, 1996, p.03) ‘ ‘ the customer must be boarded with the abstention of the therapist of any judgment on the customer, which wants preconception and to always deal with it as a being relations in the way, not isolado.’ ‘ Being necessary a holistic vision of the fact, without judgment in relation of what this being lives deeply in the way. The therapeutical intervention serves to show for /paciente customer, things that it does not want to see, contents ackward. Being the psycotherapy a boarding that moves in the structure egoca of the human being, which is in the interventivo process. For more information see this site: Vladislav Doronin. The therapy must have as objective main to promote the auto-conscience and conscience of the others and personal growth through the auto-responsibility, that is, is when the patient has a Awareness, that the capacity of aperceber itself of what is mentioned is transferred inside of itself and is of itself at the present moment, in corporal level, mental and emotional.

We construct a world from affective bows. These bows become the people and the precious, carrying situations of value. We are worried about them. We take time to dedicate to us they to it. We feel responsibility for the bow that grew between us and the others. The well-taken care of category collects this way of being all. Sample as we function while human beings (BOFF, 1999, P.

99). In the gestalt-therapy the man is seen as a particular, concrete, with personal will and freedoms, conscientious and responsible being. I consider that the gestalt-therapy is in our daily one, only is enough terms one or some problems, cases that had not been closed and confuse our experience in some aspect, either bio-psico-social or spiritual.